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One thing that will greatly detract from the appearance of your home is rotting, worn or damaged fascia. Don't struggle with climbing ladders, cutting boards and applying primer, when there are professionals in our extended network who are standing by ready to do the job for you, at a price you can easily afford.

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(Video) Repair Information

Fascia repair is often thought of as not being all that important; however, that's not at all the case. They can become damaged after time due to constant exposure to the elements. When boards become damaged, this can lead to roof damage, as they provide support for the gutters that whisk rain away from your home. They also help provide ventilation to your attic, thereby helping keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. When your boards are in poor repair, birds, rodents and even squirrels might be encouraged to access your eaves, thereby creating even more damage.

Common Causes of Damage

By far, the most common causes of damage involve a leaking gutter or wind. When your gutter leaks, water can spill over the side, run down your board, and essentially cause it to rot or warp. When this happens, mould and mildew can take hold, and it can spread very quickly to the rest of your fascia, soffit, and even your roof. To prevent this damage, clean your gutters regularly and inspect your fascia while doing so. Make any repairs as soon as you notice them.

common causes of Cumbria fascia damage
why Cumbria fascia repairs are essential

Why Fascia Repairs are Essential

Fascias are one of the items installed as part of a property’s roof structure, and one of their main purposes is to ensure that rain, wind and debris don’t get into the house. When left in a state of disrepair, it provides an ideal breeding ground for water to collect, which in turn causes the property to become damp. Once dampness occurs, it usually isn’t long before black mould sets in, which is detrimental to your health. Boards should be replaced as soon as they start looking worn or have broken due to age or strong winds.

New Gutters and Fascia Repair

When you’ve decided to install new gutters on your home, repairs to your fascias may be necessary. Damaged boards cannot properly support a new gutter system, and it may allow gutters to sag. At best, the sag will only influence aesthetics; at worst, it can pull away from your home and leak, which could cause structural damage to your home. Before you install your new gutters, be sure to contact a professional to discuss any potential repairs or replacement. This will extend the longevity of your new gutters and protect your home from damage at the same time.

Cumbria Fascia Repair Costs

Typical Cumbria fascia repair prices are based upon the scope of the repair, since it is not always necessary to replace all fascia boards at one time. As such, the number of boards and the length of each one will primarily be what drives the cost of an estimate. Adding primer and caulk before painting is highly recommended, and you can even save a bit of money on your project by completing these additional tasks yourself.

Cumbria fascia repair costs
Cumbria fascia repair quotes

New Cumbria Fascia Repair Quotes

If you'd like to get in touch with Cumbria fascia repair companies, you're in the right place. We have a number of providers who will handle your project swiftly and efficiently, leaving you with attractive finish that will enhance the appearance of your home. Get started obtaining quotes right now by filling out the form you see above. You won't be charged anything, and are also under no obligation to go with any of the quotes we provide.

Quotatis took the hassle away from me having to trawl through each company trying to find one that was suited. Mrs G. Cumbria

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Keeping Fascias in Good Condition

There are several ways to make sure you’ve done all you can to keep everything in good condition.

  • Have your roof inspected regularly. Contractors will inspect your roof, fascias, and soffits all at the same time. They will pick out even the smallest problems, and immediate repairs can save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds.
  • Watch for problems. If you notice peeling paint or even slightly sagging gutters, this is indicative of a problem. Don’t put off the repairs as this can result in further damage.
  • Clean your fascia. Keeping them clean can keep things like mould, mildew, algae, and fungus growth at bay.
  • Use exterior paint. If your boarding is painted, make sure you’re using an exterior paint that is designed to resist cracking and peeling. The paint will act as a further barrier between the wood and moisture in the air.

Available Types of Fascia Boards

When repairing fascia boards, many homeowners think that they will have to use the same type that has been installed on their properties previously. However, this is not always the case. The four most common types of fascia boards that can be used include vinyl, wood, aluminium and composite. When repairing or replacing fascia boards, our contractors will be able to advise you which option will be best for your home.

Your Cumbria fascia repair questions answered

Water ingress is one of the main causes of damage to wooden fascia boards. For instance if your guttering is blocked or damaged and causing water to soak in. Another common cause of damage is the nesting of insects and animals such as wasps and birds.

If your fascia needs repairing then the first step is to address whatever is causing the problem, such as a water leak. Once resolved, if an entire section doesn't need to be replaced then the affected section can be cut out and the new section sealed and painted in place.

That will depend on the size of the hole. Even if the hole is very small, you may want to consider replacing your entire fascia board, because doing so will provide you with a more aesthetically-pleasing result.

This will depend largely on the overall condition of the existing boards. If it is merely paint that is peeling from them, repairs can normally be done. However, if they are broken, warped or rotting due to old age, it is recommended that they be replaced instead.

You can find fascia in a variety of materials, including composite lumber, vinyl, aluminium, and even traditional treated lumber. Vinyl and aluminium are impervious to water, so these are often very popular choices. However, vinyl can become brittle after many freeze/thaw cycles, so keep that in mind.

Many materials accept paint quite well. It’s important to follow the material manufacturer’s recommendations and use an exterior paint that will hold up in the climate.

The only way to determine how much fascia repairs will cost will be to have one of the experts on our network inspect them beforehand. Once this has been done, they will be able to provide you with an accurate quote.

A visual inspection is often enough. If your boards are looking shabby, hanging off the side of your home or have visible damage on them, chances are that repairs will be needed.

The Quote Process

1 Our Fascia Repair Form

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2 Free Quotes From Local Pros

We then arrange for local approved roofers to get in touch with you to quote for your repair work direct.

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Example Repair Requests

If you don't want to replace your Cumbria fascia boarding completely, then getting it repaired is the sensible choice! You're not alone either... take a look at just a few of the quote requests we have received recently.

Date Summary Request
24 Oct Sand and Paint We've noticed on the fascia boards on our property that the paint is peeling off making them look very unsightly. Please quote for rub down and re paint.
24 Oct Repair Boards Repair / replacement of cast iron gutters and fascia boards on a traditional blonde sandstone semi-detached house
24 Oct Storm Damage I would like it looked and repairs. A part of the fascia was damaged during a spell of bad weather a few months back.
24 Oct Rotting Sections Cast iron gutters are leaking at joints and have resulted in parts of the wooden boards rooting and needing replaced. This looks as if the main part of the house (excluding 2 low level extension may need new guttering and fascia).
24 Oct Paint Wooden Boards Repair and paint wooden fascia boarding on ground floor bay window.
23 Oct Repair or Replace? I need a piece of wood fascia replacing or repaired.
23 Oct 40 Metre Length I need about 40 metres of fascia replaced on a 2 bed bungalow.
23 Oct Bird Damage Fascia board on front top right of house now has a gap due to birds
23 Oct Loose Sections Boards come away at join on gable end of roof after storms just need nailing back down please.
23 Oct Partial Repairs Fascia above garage has partially come off. Also repairs to conservatory if that's something you do?
Timber Boards I need some repair work carried out to my timber fascia boards on two side of my property.
Warped Sections We've noticed the boards on our property are warped and damaged making them look very unsightly. Please quote for repairs or even replacement with alternative materials if cheaper/better.
Section Repair One of our boards has come down in a recent storm so we would like it repaired or perhaps that section replaced if necessary.
Quote Wanted Some of the fascia sections on our home are looking rather worn and there are a few that have cracked and warped. We will need someone to come around and give us a quote so that we know how much it will cost ot address the problem as soon as possible. Thank you.
Advice & Costs Three fascia panels on my home have rotted and fallen off. I need to find out if they can be replaced with plastic ones and how much it will cost.
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